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Break the Glass Ceiling in Your Business by Maximizing Your Brain Strengths!

Get Your Brain In Your Business and Build Your Business around Your Brain!

As an entrepreneur you are blessed with multiple ideas and creative solutions to benefit your clients and customers. However, you are just you. To have an outstandingly successful business and true enjoyment and satisfaction in that business you must build your business around your natural brain strengths. First step is to identify those natural brain strengths through the power of the Brain Personality Connection.

Once you have identified your natural brain power you will need to build your business around that. Learn what to outsource and what to manage yourself. At Your Best Mind we have a specific formula to assist you in designing a business and business processes that prevents procrastination and burnout! Increase your profitability and decrease your stress. What could be better than that?

Work with us to develop an individualized plan, design, and direction that starts with the most comprehensive brain strength assessment available today, the Brain Personality Connection. Then continue by working with Julie or one of her Certified Consultants to create the business of your dreams!

Personalized Complete Brain Personality Connection Business Profile

  • Improve communication skills
  • Avoid communication mishaps
  • Become aware of missed information
  • Process key takeaways more effectively
  • Meet your customers’ needs easily

Consulting and Coaching packages are custom designed to fit your individual needs. Packages vary from half day consults to 1-year full business design programs.