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Your Best Mind is your gateway to unlocking the power of your brain and creating positive change in all aspects of life. We partner with organizations to cultivate amazing leaders, high-performing teams and empower employees to reach their full potential. We also help individuals leverage the latest neuroscience to achieve their goals and build a brighter future.

Our Founder, Julie Anderson (The Brain Lady), is a certified brain health professional and neuro- transformation specialist with over 22 years of experience. Her passion lies in the Brain Personality Connection – understanding how your brain is wired and how it impacts your thoughts, behaviors, and interactions.


  • Individuals: Learn how your brain works to overcome challenges, improve relationships, and achieve greater fulfillment.
  • Ambitious Professionals: Discover strategies to enhance focus, boost productivity, and navigate workplace dynamics with confidence.
  • Stressed Parents: Master the art of work-life balance, manage stress, and build stronger connections with your family.
  • Frustrated Brains: Tap into your brain's full potential to overcome limiting beliefs, embrace new opportunities, and achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Forward-Thinking Organizations: Cultivate a high-performing and engaged workforce by leveraging brain science to optimize communication, collaboration, and innovation.


  • Keynote Presentations & Workshops: Gain practical insights and actionable strategies based on cutting-edge brain science.
  • Off-Site or Corporate Retreat trainings: Whether it is a leadership retreat, team building function, or corporate planning event bringing in our experts will be a huge benefit to success and transformation.
  • Three, Six, and Full Year programs designed to upgrade your company’s culture, create a psychologically safe work environment, dynamic leaders, cohesive productive teams, and workplace wellness.
  • Transformative Programs & Courses: Deepen your understanding of the brain and its connection to personality, behavior, and success.
  • The Brain Personality Connection Assessment: Uncover unique brain profiles for individuals and teams, unlocking personalized strategies for maximizing potential.
  • Expert Coaching & Consulting: Work directly with Julie to create customized plans for achieving individual or organizational goals.


  • Science-Based Approach: We translate complex brain science into practical tools and techniques you can use in everyday life.
  • Personalized Solutions: Our programs and services cater to the individual, the team, or the organization’s needs addressing the unique challenges faced by our clients.
  • Empowering Results: We equip you with the knowledge, skills, and actionable steps to create lasting positive change in your brain, your life, and your relationships or within your organization.

Ready to unlock Your Best Mind? Explore our programs, connect with us for a free consultation, and discover how neuroscience can empower you to achieve your full potential and your company to reach its highest goals!

P.S. Stay tuned for the launch of our exciting new community platform, designed to connect you with like-minded individuals on their brain health journeys!



Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson is a powerhouse in the world of brain science and personal development. As a leading expert on the brain-personality connection, Julie is passionate about helping individuals and organizations unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results.

For over two decades, Julie has ignited audiences with her dynamic and engaging presentations. She is a captivating speaker, consultant, coach, and trainer, but her true strength lies in her ability to translate complex neuroscience research into practical tools and actionable strategies.

A Deep Understanding of the Brain

Julie's expertise is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the brain and its connection to personality. She is a certified brain health professional and neuro-transformation expert. She has dedicated herself to ongoing education, holding certifications in Neuroscience of Leadership, Neuroeconomics, and EMDR, Neuropsychotherapy,  Neuroeconomics, and Human Resource Development.

Empowering Individuals and Organizations

Julie's work empowers both individuals and organizations. She offers a variety of programs and services designed to address specific needs, including:

  • Leadership Development: Julie helps organizations build strong, connected leaders who inspire and motivate their teams.
  • Communication Skills: She equips individuals and teams with the tools to communicate effectively, fostering collaboration and positive working relationships.
  • Team Building: Julie understands the power of a well-functioning team and offers programs to optimize team dynamics and unleash peak performance.
  • Entrepreneur Coaching: Her guidance empowers entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses by leveraging their brain's natural strengths.

A Legacy of Success

Julie's success is a testament to her dedication and results-oriented approach. She is the creator of the Brain Personality Connection assessment tool; the most comprehensive personality/brain strengths assessment available today. It is designed to unlock an individual's inherent strengths and unlock their full potential. She is also the author of several best-selling books, including “Experts and Influencers” and "Women Excelling Everywhere". She has also authored the communication handbook-Communication Made Easy, the one-of-a-kind Brainstorm Journal, A quick guide to sales-Increase Sales by Attracting the Mind, and several others.

Beyond Expertise: Passion and Inspiration

Julie's expertise is only surpassed by her passion for helping others. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering optimism create a positive and uplifting environment where lasting change can take root. She is a master at guiding individuals in overcoming obstacles and generating forward momentum, both personally and professionally.