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Use the science behind psychology to train your brain for great success in business and in life.

"Your brain listens to what your mind is telling it, so be careful what you are saying."

Julie "Brain Lady" Anderson

Mind Mastery

Whether you are an individual looking to improve your life and relationships, parents desiring to improve their skills, an entrepreneur wanting to increase your profits, or a corporate office that wants to improve its employees' productivity and attendance, improving its bottom line, Your Best Mind's programs are for you.

The Brain DNA Code

Know Thyself-Discover our DNA coded brain wiring with the Brain Personality Connection Assessment. Doing so will improve Self-Perception, prevent procrastination, and learn how to maximize your brain power.

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The Brain & Relationships

The key to understanding a person is to understand how their brain is wired. This leads to an understanding of how and why people do things the way they do. With this understanding you can honor and accept those differences and stop stressing over them.

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The Developing Brain

Whether you have a toddler, a pre-teen, or a teenager, gaining a clear picture of how the brain develops and what it needs to thrive will make the parenting journey a much smoother one. You will gain a bond and open communication with your children that all desire.

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The Business Brain

As a business owner tap into the core brain strengths of your workers. They will be more productive, efficient, and teams will perform like never before.

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The Brain & Happiness

Stress and anxiety are day to day feelings for many. Gain an understanding of how the automatic responses of the sub-conscience can highjack your happiness. Learn how to control your thinking to change your brain chemistry and rewire your thinking for happiness and satisfaction.

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The Brain Personality Connection Assessment and Tools

This method uses the most current research in the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology. This is the foundation of the most comprehensive personality assessing tool available in the market today. Your Best Mind's methodology is truly mind blowing in its results!

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