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  • Communication Made Easy

    All brains have their own way of communicating and processing information. The more you know about how the brains work of those you are communicating with, the better your chances are of getting your message across in an engaging way that achieves the results you desire.

    The 51 Tips in this book cover Brain Science in a proprietary, easy-to-understand format that will help you improve your relational success in professional, social, and personal environments.

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  • Women Excelling Everywhere

    Passion is at the core of success for the women featured in this book. If you are wondering what you are here to do or how you could make a living from what you love, these stories will inspire you. Discover how women from all over the world define success and channel their passion into their business and work.

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  • Increase Your Bottom Line Through Improved Communication

    Increase Your Bottom Line Through Improved Communication. A practical guide to developing the skill of communicating to your potential client’s brain.

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  • The Quickest Way to Insanity

    This is a homeschooling guide with the brain in mind. This book is an easy read and will cover identifying and teaching to learning preference, introversion/extroversion level, gender, brain lead and environmental cause and effects!

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  • The Brainstorm Journal

    This fun and entertaining journal is designed to give you 101 places to put your ideas, drawings, thought, and creative brain bursts! These pages are chock-full of graphics, brain-teasers, and inspirational quotes to get your creative juices flowing. A great gift for those creative people in your life.

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  • The Change (Book 4 in series)

    Super talented coaches, awesome speakers, Harvard professors, US Senate candidates, health experts, those that overcame unbelievable odds. Now you know why there is no book like The Change.

    Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson has contributed a chapter to this life changing book. Book 4 in the series.

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