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Your Best Mind Certification Program changing lives, one brain at a time!

It is our vision that by providing an educational and uplifting message to individuals about their unique brain gifts we can help them to maximize the power of their brain and personality, not in a metaphysical way but with science. This is the core of what we teach at Your Best Mind!

However, taking this life changing message to the world is a large undertaking. That is why we have created the Your Best Mind Certification Program.

This program is the compilation of over 2 decades of training, research, hands-on application, and preparation. Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson, Owner/Founder/CEO, has put together the gems of her education to create a remarkable program to pass on to those who are up to the challenge!

This is the BEST certification you can ever get. In this course you will be guided by Julie Brain Lady Anderson personally. You will have access to her via email, text, in a certification members group call, and a private monthly appointment. The course is designed to walk you through the complexities of the mind/brain connection, the power of thinking, and the all important Brain Personality Connection. Once you have completed the course with accuracy, you will be supplied with the Certification Certificate and digital badge. You will them be a CERTIFIED Brain Personality Connection Specialist. You can use this new certification as added credibility to your bio and services you provide.

As a certified consultant/coach you will:

  • Receive an intensive training by the dynamic company founder and CEO Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson.
  • Receive a copy of all of The Brain Lady’s books and Your Best Mind University courses.
  • Be enrolled as an affiliate to receive commissions on any sales of the YBM University courses or YBM books.

Some of these products are:


  • Communication Made Easy – 51 Brain Science Tips For Improved Communication
  • The Brain Storm Journal -Journal For Recording 101 Brain Ideas
  • Experts And Influencers – Leadership Edition (Co-Author)
  • The Change Book #4 (Co-Author)
  • Change Your Mind-Brain Based Practices To Reduce Stress And Improve Your Mindset (Release Date Pending)
  • What Did You Say-Brain Hacks For Understanding People And Personalities (Release Date Pending)
  • Increase Your Bottom Line through Improved Communication (eBook)

Online courses: 

  • Get Your Brain In Your Business And Build Your Business Around Your Brain
  • Create Your Business Plan For Massive Growth
  • Leadership And The Brain
  • Know Thyself – Understanding Your Brain Personality Connection And That Of Others For Improved Relationships
  • He Said She Said Who Said What – Communication Between The Sexes

Are You Ready to Become Certified as a Brain Personality Connection Specialist?

THIS IS AN EXCLUSIVE GROUP. Not just anyone can jump into this course. If it is of interest to you then click the link below to set up an appointment and see if it is a good fit. You can also download the application and return it to info@YourBestMindOnline.com and put “certification course” in the subject line.



Click Here to Download an application to be considered for acceptance into the program

There are hidden secrets to the human mind that most do not know about.

We, as humans, have been proven to be intelligent and adaptive. Your Best Mind University with Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson will train you to use the full potential of your brain and mind to unleash the best in you.

The program is designed to train your mind to see the best in yourself and others. It makes you more acceptable among the people around you as you are able to understand them better and are able to give your point of view on things much more easily.

We aim to maximize brain outputs using scientific methods to enhance your ways of thinking with quick responses through a thorough training on the Brain Personality Connection.

This also allows you to be better as a person and lets you explore everything that you are capable of, in more depth.

Because sending a life changing message to the world is not an easy job, we have a certification program that proves that you are someone who has the ability to utilize the full potential of your brain.

Your Best Mind University is a project that has the work of more then twenty years put into it. There have been researches done to develop hypothesis, and these methods have been applied to everyday life to receive remarkable results.

The Founder/CEO of this program is Julie Anderson and her expertise in this field has earned her the nickname of Brain Lady. She has dedicated her life and education to the field of psychoneuroimmunology and neuropsychology by going into the deeper understanding of the mind and how it reacts to different thoughts and subjects.


“You were fabulous! I would love to teach this!” - Event Attendee in Nevada City, California

            “As a result of completing Julie’s YBM certification program, my clients prosper in life and business receiving the benefit of powerful mindset strategies complimented beautifully with the solid science behind the practices they’re learning for success.  One thing I found incredibly helpful is that Julie synthesizes 20 years of brain science expertise into a user-friendly, manageable and fun learning system that enabled me to complete the program in 2 months.  I especially loved her 2-Day VIP Intensive at the Disneyland Grand Hotel that was included in my training – phenomenal event! After experiencing Julie’s mastery of brain-science health first hand, I left more energized then when I’d arrived after two days of in-depth training.  

I would recommend YBM Certification to anyone looking to start a business, add a new revenue stream to their income, increase the ability to “close the deal” and grow sales, network more effectively, boost self-care and confidence,  improve communication skills and personal relationships in general.  

What I know for certain is that much like financial literacy education,  brain science health should be basic training for life in general.  Thank you Julie Anderson for your great work!”

Marlene Elizabeth
Money-Mindset Coach for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs


All these features are designed to give you an enhanced understanding of the mind and its different components. The one on one session with Julie Anderson will help you understand what the program is all about and how to properly go about it to gain the maximum out of it.

It is the program’s goal to open your mind and train your brain to greater and more achievable possibilities. We do not realize the brain’s full potential on our own because we are not trained to think that way. It is more than just a program. Your Best Mind’s certification program will teach you how to live better and more fulfilling lives as well as, create a dynamic and highly successful business.

Another very important benefit of this program is that Your Best Mind will teach you how to stay calm in panicky situations. Sometimes, when we panic, we are unable to come up with solutions to solve the problem. Your Best Mind will train you to think on your feet and always be ready for any challenge that is thrown your way.

There are endless possibilities when you think about all the achievements that the human race has made throughout history. Geniuses are amazing at what they do because they have trained themselves physically and mentally to be the best. We will help you achieve this goal.