Three Questions To Ask When You’re Stuck, Worried, Or Frustrated

March 6, 2023

Have you ever felt stuck, worried of frustrated with your business or ideas you have or just how productive you are in general? If so, you came to the right place! Our special guest, Julie Miller-Davis, is a fellow driven entrepreneur who loves serving others by helping them reach their own levels of excellence, by making the seemingly impossible, possible. Her expertise is out of the box thinking and helping others take new directions in their business by looking at things a bit differently. She helps people reign in their business and get things done. She has amazing gifts and talents that she shares with her clients and she will be sharing a few practical helpful ideas.

What kind of morning routine can we have to set up for a productive day? Julie Miller-Davis recommends having a set routine! Set a time you want to get out of bed in the morning and get out of bed that same time every day. Try not to break your routine. Keep that routine just as if you were reporting to work but instead, you will be reporting to yourself. You have the strongest brain and will power in the morning so take that time to tackle bigger projects and ideas or do things that are not as fun first and get those things done and out of the way. Get your brain engaged!

Julie Miller-Davis shares how we can stay in a routine, even with distractions going on around us. She suggests setting up a routine that works for you and creating breaks for yourself. Before isolation, we might have had natural breaks, either driving to a meeting or picking up kids. Since we may not be doing those now, try and create those breaks for yourself.  Set a time for lunch or walking around the block. She shares a great tip to figure out what the last three activities you will do every day to let your brain know that it is the end of the day and that you are done working. The news can be so overstimulating, so try to limit how much you watch. We can see the positive and take this opportunity we have now to really reset some of our habits and carry what we change in isolation to our new normal when this is all over!

What is a foundation to help people become more productive? Being productive can be a bit easier for those left-brainers but tougher for right-brainers. Julie Miller-Davis shares that we need to remember to reign some things in to be able to make money and launch new things, doing so by having a plan. With your ideas and extra time, figure out how to integrate and inter fix them with your calendar. Write them down and sleep on it, figure out which ideas you can do, and which ones would be fun to work on someday. Instead of tackling them all at once, break your ideas down into bite-sized pieces to launch things when you want to get it out there. Make time to plan and implement and then launch those great ideas!

Try to remember to give yourself deadlines on smaller things. Creating those deadlines will help you stay focused and stay on track. If we feel like we are spinning in place, what can we do? She shares that we could be turning reasons into excuses and naming things that are out of our control instead of taking a hold of things. Julie teaches about solving unsolvable problems that will get you into action. Try to move from reactive to proactive!

If we are overly committing to our ideas or people or what we want to do with our business in life, how can we stop? She shares that the best thing to do is to set boundaries and stick to them. Try to put white space on your calendar, to work on your ideas and your things you want to do. Put it in your calendar and mark it as busy, honor those boundaries we create for ourselves. Create lists and tasks for our white space and keep those in mind. That morning when you have white space planned for the day, take some time, and figure out what you want to work on during your white space time. This will help you see and honor it, going in with a plan.

Julie Miller-Davis’s mission for her and her business is she wants to truly help people be present in the moment. Instead of getting distracted by every ding from our phone or computer, try to just be in the moment and stop all that extra noise. Best tip? May be hard to do but turn off those notifications on your electronics! Be in control and take charge as to when you decide to check your messages and emails and not vice versa. Doing so, you will feel less anxious and be able to be more productive and calmer. Why not try it for a week? You will be able to take control and feel freer!

These times we are living in can make us feel stuck, worried, or frustrated but remember it is possible to break through those feelings and be calm and productive in our businesses and everyday life! Set routines and boundaries and try to stick to them. Create breaks and deadlines for yourself. If possible, turn off your notifications when you can. Make time for white space in your calendar and respect that time set aside for you to work on your things and ideas. Let us remember to take care of most importantly ourselves and try and stay productive!

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