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Using Neuroscience to Build Successful Businesses

At the core of everything we do is the Brain Personality Connection Assessment. When you include training with this amazing tool the results are FANTASTIC! Profits increase, employee turnover decreases, you build better leaders, and your company THRIVES!

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Leaders are the backbone of your company. Their actions can drive up company profits or reduce company moral. Great leaders make the whole team better. Does your company struggle with leaders that “lack luster”? What about their communication with their units? Could it use improvement? Here at Your Best Mind we believe the answer is always in neuroscience. Through a comprehensive neuroscience and neuropsychological training your leaders will learn to lead with their brain. The results will be greater communication; fewer misunderstandings; heightened employee engagement and performance; and an overall greater profitability in the company.

TEAM PREFORMANCE: Having a cohesive team that works together is so important for the culture of your company. Power teams do not just magically fall into place, they are built. What does it take to build a great team? Building it with the brain in mind. Yep back to neuroscience and the Brain Personality Connection. When everyone on the team understands each other, when you build your teams to see things from every angle, you build powerhouse teams that drive company profits through the roof. At Your Best Mind we train your teams to think outside of the box by using the latest in neuroscience backed creative techniques to help them access brainstorms like never before! GO TEAM!

STAFFING: Successful businesses hire the right person for the right job. Through the insights of neuroscience, you will be able to hire the right person for the right position in your company. This will greatly speed up their training and reduce employee turnover. Workers will experience more satisfaction in their jobs and their efficiency will increase tremendously. No more stressing over if they are the right fit or not. By incorporating specific questions into your existing employee applications, you will quickly determine if they are the right hire for the position.

SALES: At the end of the day it all comes down to the balance sheet. How good are the sales? With brain training your salespersons or teams will learn how to focus on the receiver, the customer. What they need to feel in order to sign the check. It all has to do with how well your salespeople are attracting the mind of the potential customer. Are they speaking the right “brain language” to get the correct message across to the customer? Is the customer feeling secure and clear about what you will do for them? Through specific brain training workshops, we will teach your teams how to preform like never before and develop customers that are singing your praises and will be with you for life.

COMMUNICATION WITHIN YOUR COMPANY: Communication is so much more than sending an email or giving specific directions. All too often things are lost in translation leading to frustration between workers and conflicts within teams. When everyone in your company understand the dynamics of the Brain Personality Connection, misunderstandings disappear, and fluid communication abounds.

Training for each of these areas range from power full day workshops to complete 3, 6, 9, or 12-month comprehensive training contracts depending on your needs. Each workshop and training package is run by the Brain Lady herself, Julie Anderson. (link to my bio page) Pricing will depend on length of the program and number of people involved.

Crissy Knox
Women in Business

Julie is an engaging speaker. She is lively and intelligent.

Robert Harris
Napa Valley College
Dean, Criminal Justice, Health Occupations, Kinesiology, & Athletics

Julie “The Brain Lady” Anderson was OUTSTANDING!!! She is a very knowledgeable, engaging, and thought-provoking speaker. Highly recommended!

Martin Malkin
Malkin Law Offices

Excellent presentation! Julie…had all of our members and guests actively engaged. Quite thought provoking!

Elizabeth Preim-Rohtla
Marin Professionals

Loved the interactive exercise where we walked to a different section of the room to see which quadrant represented our thoughts and feelings! Interesting to see who we were aligned with and who were our opposites on a diagonal. Helped to bring a sense of reality to what we had learned. I shared afterwards with our group members and it gave me a new perspective on how to communicate.

Susan Walls
Transformation Program Management Wells Fargo

Julie’s topic was interesting and compelling. She held the groups attention with her knowledge and energy. She was also entertaining, using appropriate humor, to assist in delivery of her message and generate enthusiasm and engagement from the group. I would highly recommend her to speak to other organizations.

Madlen Saddik
Alameda Chamber of Commerce
President CEO

OMG! She is absolutely a wealth of great and valuable content; we would love to have her again. Definitely should be invited to corporations that want to improve team building, collaboration and team building. She also should teach this program to college students.

CSIX and Phase2Career

I especially appreciated Julie getting the audience involved. The idea that doing the kind of work your brain is designed for takes much less energy that the kind of work that it isn’t designed for was a new idea. I heard a lot of positive feedback from the audience that they enjoyed the presentation and learned new information.

Robert Withers
Wheels Up Partners
Co-founder and EVP

Julie was very engaging. She provided our members with several practical tools.

Hamid Saadat

Julie is a very upbeat presenter with a very warm personality. Her workshop was very engaging, and everyone had something good to say about her talk.

Valorie Joy Williams
Windfall Financial Group

Feedback was great, very good speaker, knowledgeable, engaging and excellent subject matter. Everyone liked her. Excellent Speaker! Engaging, knowledgeable and interesting subject matter. Good delivery!

Dee Patel
Alamo Inn and Suites

Julie’s presentation was fantastic!

Ann Negal
Living the Well-Ordered Life

Julie has a very relaxed style of speaking and draws you into her area of expertise seemingly effortlessly. It was a fantastic topic!

Charles Smith
Human Recourses
Founder & CEO

To date, for me, this was the best speaker I have had the opportunity to see. I was able to gather much information that I can present to my staff of dealing with our customers. This was a great value. Well done interactive-fun inclusive.

Lonnie Martin
Vistage Chair Sacramento CA

Excellent! Good material to consider with peers and employees.

Christopher Blevins
Areobiology Labs

Great material! I really enjoyed the presentation and found it to be equally useful in both my personal and professional lives

Cindy Burris
Foothill Employer Advisory Council

Julie Anderson is an excellent speaker. The Foothill Employer Advisory Council has had the pleasure of Julie speaking twice to our group. She is very knowledgeable in her topics.

julie-anderson-seal-your-best-mindWe also have a “Train the Trainer” program for companies who want to keep their training in house.

Want to send your key leaders to the powerhouse 3 day comprehensive “Mind Blowing Life Transforming” event?
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Whether you are an individual looking to improve your life and relationships, parents desiring to improve their skills, an entrepreneur wanting to increase your profits, or a corporate office that wants to improve its employees’ productivity and attendance, improving its bottom line, Your Best Mind’s programs are for you.

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