Relationship Success During High Stress Situations

April 29, 2023

IS it possible to have relationship success during high stress situations? Can relationships come out of stressful situations thriving? How can we manage stressful times in a positive uplifting way? We will discuss some amazing tips that will not only help you keep your relationships intact during stress but keep them thriving! Remember, nothing worth having comes easy, it takes work. But following these tips, will be so beneficial for you now and in the long run as well.

First and foremost, remember every single person in your household, and everyone you have a relationship with, are all in the same boat. We are all going through the same situation together. We are all under stress, things may not be normal for us. Remembering the anatomy of the brain and how it works under stress will help. In a nutshell, when under stress, the amygdala of the brain takes over, taking over the thinking portion of the brain! When this happens, you are not able to think clearly. When that prefrontal cortex that deals with helping you figure out the consequences of your actions is shut down, you say and do things you may not normally do under usual circumstances. With everyone in the household having their prefrontal cortex working at different capacities, it is no wonder stress and tension can build during stressful times. Appreciate that everyone has unique brain prints, in turn affecting their actions and ways they may react to what others do. We are all in the same boat, but keep in mind we are all dealing with it in our own unique way.

Second, remember that brain-personality connection! This takes into consideration your brain print and how it’s wired based on your unique DNA code, as well as your life nurture, and culture and your family experiences growing up. ALL of that combined makes you who you are as an individual. For example, you may be a right brain and your spouse or significant other is a left brain. That makes you react on more emotion, while they will react more on facts. The female brain and male brain’s difference is so huge, they are wired completely different. Men tend to have more of a “fix-it” type brain, thinking more internally. Whereas, a woman’s brain processes more externally. Keep in mind how unique each one’s brain wiring is. It is especially important to remember that a child’s brain is not done yet! Their prefrontal cortex in their brain, which helps with your thinking, is not finished yet, causing them to say or do things that may simply appear dumb! Remembering this will help you respect and appreciate the unique differences between how we all deal with stressful situations.

Third, create a literal safe physical space in your house! Make a comfortable haven-like spot in your home. This should be a relaxing place you can go that is neutral, easy to access. Going to that safe, comfortable place will help your brain to calm down and get control over that amygdala. If possible, everyone in your household should have their own unique safe place and it should be known to each one. Make those physical and even emotional boundaries if needed and make sure to communicate them! If you need to, write it down and stick it on your fridge. Try to remember to share the load! If you are facing more work at home than normal, get creative and take turns. Share the responsibilities of the house.

Fourth, keep the fun going in your life! Remember to laugh! Make time to just let go, no work and no stress, just simply have fun! Being positive, laughing and having fun is not simply good for your physical health but your brain health too. If you can, get outside and move around. Doing so has proven to be so good for your brain chemistry. Take breaks during the day to get up and move, dance, and just have a good time. Raising those endorphins in your brain will do wonders for you!

Fifth, call to mind to constantly re-engage your brain by taking deep breathes and counting to 10. When under stress, that amygdala highjacks your brain. To take control, simply take deep breathes. That will help you re-engage your brain, ensuring you can address whatever situation you are presented with and able to figure out a solution logically. Try to keep in mind to count to 10 and breathe!!

We are all in this together! Appreciate our brain-personality connections are all unique and respect our reactions are different because of that. Create those physical safe places and even emotional boundaries as well. Respect everyone’s different boundaries, have good communication and share the load. Keep the fun going in your life and take deep breathes counting to 10. We got this!

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