The Brain and Happiness

Stress and anxiety are day to day feelings for many. Gain an understanding of how the automatic responses of the sub-conscience can highjack your happiness. Learn how to control your thinking to change your brain chemistry and rewire your thinking for happiness and satisfaction.

Stress comes in many forms and from many sources. Interestingly some forms of stress are actually good for you. For example, when you work out you are butting your muscles under stress. This stress then causes them to become stronger, more defined.

However, most forms are not good for you and cause negative results.

According to The American Institute of Stress:

  • In 2019, 94% of American workers report experiencing stress at the workplace
  • 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress.
  • US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly as a result of workplace stress.
  • Stress causes around one million workers to miss work every day.
  • Only 43% of US employees think their employers care about their work-life balance.
  • Depression leads to $51 billion in costs due to absenteeism and $26 billion in treatment costs.
  • Work-related stress causes 120,000 deaths and results in $190 billion in healthcare costs yearly.

65% of workers said that workplace stress had caused difficulties, and more than 10 percent described these as having major effects.

DANGER: Regular and prolonged stress WILL have acute and possibly chronic negative effects on your health. Like:

  • Reduced efficiency of your immune system
  • Lowered production of white blood cells-disease fighting cells, in the body
  • A certain type of ulcer that is cause from the digestive upset driven by the stress response
  • Damage and shrinkage to certain brain regions. IE: the Hippocampus important for learning and memory
  • The continued cardiac response causes excess plaque to build up in the arterial walls leading to heart disease

Scariest of all: Stress can accelerate the shortening of telomeres. If you are just marinating in stress hormones your telomeres will be shorter. (Telomeres protect the cells, damaged telomeres lead to shorter life expectancy)

There is hope! You can take positive action to manage your stress levels and keep them in check. When you do you can increase your body and your brains ability to react and heal.


Through brain training and simple daily activities, you can gain control of your brain. Yes, you can train your brain not only to manage the stress but also to achieve more happiness and success in every endeavor you set your mind to.

Jim Moats
Jim Moats and Ass.

Extremely valuable information.

Robert Harris
Napa Valley College
Dean, Criminal Justice, Health Occupations, Kinesiology, & Athletics

Highly recommended!

Event Attendee
Nevada City Calif

It was exceptional! It was perfect!

Event Attendee
Nevada City Calif

It was exceptional! It was perfect!

Crissy Knox
Women in Business

Her topic was engaging. I liked how she involved the audience and created movement…it was intriguing to see how each other’s brains operate.

Robert Harris
Napa Valley College
Dean, Criminal Justice, Health Occupations, Kinesiology, & Athletics

Highly recommended!

Madlen Saddik
Alameda Chamber of Commerce
President CEO

OMG! She is absolutely a wealth of great and valuable content; we would love to have her again. Definitely should be invited to corporations that want to improve team building, collaboration and team building. She also should teach this program to college students.

Jerry Cummings

Very good speaker—got everyone involved—-many questions and comments—people were still talking to her 20 or 30 minutes after our program. Lots of energy!

Hamid Saadat

Julie is a very upbeat presenter with a very warm personality. Her workshop was very engaging, and everyone had something good to say about her talk.

Kelli Wilson
A Simple Plan and Past President/Program Director NAPO

I wish we would have had about 3 more hours to really explore each and every possible scenario that could benefit our clientele!

Event Attendee
Grass Valley, California

Thank you so much for bringing this to us. It was fascinating information and you “glow” when you teach.

David Campbell
Optimal Networks

Julie’s session was mind opening. I found myself examine my family and determining better ways to communicate with them. One of my favorite sessions to             date!

Lonnie Martin
Vistage Chair Sacramento CA

This will be terrific for a couples retreat!

Christopher Blevins
Aerobiology Labs

Great material! I found myself dissecting all of my key relationships and trying to determine which of the brain areas, etc. they fell in to. It left me leaving with a lot to think about.

Bonny Terry
Bonny Terry Learning

I have just attended a seminar that Julie Anderson put on all about the brain and how to understand who you are. Thank you so much Julie. if you are interested in seeing how you can make your brain work better, or helping your kids’ brains to work better, or if you are a business owner and you want to make your business life easier, this is the place that you need to be. Make sure that you sign up for Julie’s next event.

Van Aesser
Adventure Schooling

Loved the class! The information was so relevant. This subject will be so helpful and should be one of the courses all parents should take. It is a parenting 101. Great Info.

Cindy Dembeck

Thank you so much… I learned so much about the brain, how it works, and how I can better teach my children! Thank you again for blessing us at the convention. I am now armed with knowledge about my children’s’ brains and how better to teach them and help them learn! God bless you

Peggy Spires

I heard Julie’s lecture last year that it really clicked for me.  My son and I have different learning styles.  I applied what I heard in this wonderful lecture and changed my expectations of him based on his learning style.  We had the most peaceful years last year.  Thank you so much for sharing your insight into this subject with the rest of us.

Anna Brown

Please have Julie Anderson as a keynote next year.  This is a session EVERY SINGLE homeschool parent should hear. The session was interactive and practical.  One of THE BEST sessions I attended.

Sarah Reynolds

The information she has to share is invaluable to parents, children and adults alike.  The delivery of her topic is engaging and inspiring.  A definite MUST hear!

Parenting Conference

I found Julie Anderson’s presentation on ‘How the Brain Learns’ to be extremely beneficial to me in understanding children’s’ needs. I would have loved to listened to a longer, even ‘meatier’ presentation and I feel it would be of great benefit to all parents.

Nathalee Shelton

Love your program!!  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.  You are a true blessing for my family.

Robin Yoder

This was a very informative and practical workshop. The information will definitely be implemented in my home and with my children.

Laura Ashby

The information from the workshop ‘How the Brain Learns’ was extremely informative and eye-opening.  Thanks!  More moms need to know this!

Nathalee Shelton

I considered the information that Julie Anderson shared in her lecture vitally important for teachers and families.

Jeff and Ava Murphy

Her content was eye-opening.  It helped us understand why our children act the way they do. We highly recommend this workshop and all of Julie’s content.

Susan Abdree

This seminar on the brain was excellent.  I learned so much on how to get the most out of my child by doing simple things like giving breaks, play, water, etc.   This was a great way to optimize brain activity.  Thank you!

Your Best Mind and Brain Lady Julie use brain training techniques based in neuroscience in the programs they provide.

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