5 Practical Tips For Achieving Your Goals In 2023

December 26, 2022

Every single entrepreneur should be doing this right now. What should they be doing? Making and planning out their goals for 2023! So, do you have your goals ready yet? Are they written down and mapped out? Do you know clearly what they are, and have you visualized clearly what you want to achieve? Are you ready? If not, Julie will help you out with these amazing tips! We will discuss having greater success in the year 2023 by having your goals ready to go. Let’s get your plan ready for 2023! For many of you, 2022 either boomed your business or it may have been a disaster for it. If you had an online business, it may have been successful for you. You may have had to shift your business quite a lot. For whatever situation with your business you faced in 2022, these tips will help you and get your brain behind you to achieve your goals in 2023!

Tip #1- Write your goals down. Get them out of your brain and down onto paper. Your brain will focus on whatever fire needs to be put out and if the fire is not connecting to reaching your goals, it can get lost in the white noise in your brain. Try to do a mind map! Michigan State University did a study on writing down your goals and they found that 76% of the participants in the study who wrote down their goals achieved their goals! Clearly, writing them down will help you gain clarity on what they are and keep that clarity throughout the year. This will really help your brain to stay on top of it. If you have not quite figured out your goals yet, what can you do? Brainstorm what you want to accomplish and afterwards put those goals into a mind map and organize them. The brain loves mind maps!

Tip #2- Prioritize those goals! If doing a mind-map, a great way to prioritize them is by using colors. Prioritize them by creating a map legend to write down what the colors mean. Generally, red means top priority, but you can use whatever colors you want since this is your mind map! You can also use colors for outsourcing. It is important to outsource all your nonessential things if possible. Outsource, outsource, outsource! Use colors in a mind map to prioritize tasks, different colors for different assistants. This will help you clearly see who is caring for each task. Detailed, perfect timeline goals are hard for entrepreneurs. Generally, they see a big picture of what they want to achieve but they may not see all the details that go along with it. Your brain will put off those things that are the most labor intensive even without you realizing it. It will take time, but prioritizing will really help you in the long run.

Tip #3- Put down all the steps that you need to achieve your goals, working backwards from the end goal. For example, let us talk about financial goals. You will need more details than just writing down you want to make $100,000 in 2023. You can have a big goal but then you will need to break it down. In terms of a business plan, to hit your figures by the end of 2023, figure out where you will need to be at the halfway point. It is important that your brain has a six-month marker. Maybe you have a book goal, and you want to get your first book out in 2023. What is your launch date for that and what will you need done before then? What mini goals will you need to hit throughout the year? Figure out your halfway point and quarterly goals. To hit those quarterly goals, what do you need to accomplish each month and each week in that month for that quarter? Break it down into your weekly schedule and work at dialing it down into details. You should start promoting your book by the start of the year if you are planning to launch it later in the year. If you are heavy on social media, you’ll need to start talking about the book, such as by email or podcasts and figure out how and when you want to do these. Promote as much as you can and generate that excitement for the book launch and best seller campaign weeks or possibly months in advance. Try to have everything planned out by the beginning of the year. Depending on how big your goals are, realize that you may not reach all of them. Figure out where you need to be at and evaluate those goals as you go. You may need to tweak your schedule and that’s ok! Try to figure out what works best for you and your business.

Tip #4- Create an accountability system and have accountability partners. Connect with them as soon as possible. Why is this so important? Because we can convince ourselves some goals may not be as important as others or we may tend to put them off. If you have someone you are going to talk to every single week or every single month and reconnect on things, have goals set out for each week. In entrepreneur world, a lot of people say to create the idea, get customers and then create the product. But what if everything was in your toolkit and ready to go that way you will not need to create it later? Wouldn’t that be great? You want to be prepared and have everything good to go.

Tip #5- Review your goals often and see where you are procrastinating. Figure out what you need to focus on so you can reach your goals and the big picture by the end of the year. Do a weekly check. Put your mind map in a visible place in your workspace and move it often since the brain gets used to seeing it in the same place. If it is in same place all the time, over time your brain will not see it. Reevaluate it and tweak it as often as you need.

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