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  • Loved the interactive exercise where we walked to a different section of the room to see which quadrant represented our thoughts and feelings! Interesting to see who we were aligned with and who were our opposites on a diagonal. Helped to bring a sense of reality to what we had learned. I shared afterwards with our group members and it gave me a new perspective on how to communicate.

    Elizabeth Preim-Rohtla
    Marin Professionals
  • Julie’s topic was interesting and compelling. She held the groups attention with her knowledge and energy. She was also entertaining, using appropriate humor, to assist in delivery of her message and generate enthusiasm and engagement from the group. I would highly recommend her to speak to other organizations.

    Susan Walls
    Transformation Program Management Wells Fargo
  • OMG! She is absolutely a wealth of great and valuable content; we would love to have her again. Definitely should be invited to corporations that want to improve team building, collaboration and team building. She also should teach this program to college students.

    Madlen Saddik
    Alameda Chamber of Commerce
    President CEO
  • I especially appreciated Julie getting the audience involved. The idea that doing the kind of work your brain is designed for takes much less energy that the kind of work that it isn’t designed for was a new idea. I heard a lot of positive feedback from the audience that they enjoyed the presentation and learned new information.

    CSIX and Phase2Career
  • Julie was very engaging. She provided our members with several practical tools.

    Robert Withers
    Wheels Up Partners
    Co-founder and EVP
  • Julie is a very upbeat presenter with a very warm personality. Her workshop was very engaging, and everyone had something good to say about her talk.

    Hamid Saadat
    CSIX Connect
  • Feedback was great, very good speaker, knowledgeable, engaging and excellent subject matter. Everyone liked her. Excellent Speaker! Engaging, knowledgeable and interesting subject matter. Good delivery!

    Valorie Joy Williams
    Windfall Financial Group
  • Julie’s presentation was fantastic!

    Dee Patel
    Alamo Inn and Suites
  • Julie has a very relaxed style of speaking and draws you into her area of expertise seemingly effortlessly. It was a fantastic topic!

    Ann Negal
    Living the Well-Ordered Life