The Powerful Effects Of Restorative Relaxation Music

March 16, 2023

Can you benefit from some sweet relaxation in your life? Have you ever thought about listening to music as a way to reduce your stress? Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson shares that we have control and power over our emotional base and stress levels that our brain goes through. How? Through our thought process we can manage our stress as well as create brain friendly environments that can actually reduce our stress. We can do this through colors, smells, sounds, all kinds of ways! Today we will focus on reducing our stress through the sound aspect. Carl Bartlett, Jr., an Award-winning Saxophonist and Composer from Queens, New York, Music Educator, and Founder of Serene New You Sax LLC, will share how relaxation music can be restorative and why his music is so unique.

Carl’s 20 plus years of music knowledge helped him learn how music affects human emotions and how sound affects the amygdala. He created Serene New You Sax LLC in 2020 to help manage his own stress and anxiety, as well as help others deal with theirs to get their lives back in a safe, creative, and effective way. With his music knowledge, he figured out how to compose music to affect people’s emotions by how he phrases melody, what type of melody to play, and how voice chords and harmonies effectuate that deep relaxation response in people.

What is the science behind Carl’s music? In particular, the amygdala plays a massive role in a person’s stress and anxiety, their fear response to stimuli. The science is there that the amygdala is the key essential place in our brain that needs to be down regulated. In the case of Serene New You LLC, he studied how sound affects the amygdala in a positive way.  He discovered that certain tones of the sax effectuate that relaxation response in people and down regulates the amygdala. With practice, he focused on making those tones as least rough as possible while giving it a warm, nurturing sound.  In the case of studying the brain, Carl figured out that to make people relaxed through music, you want to get as far away from fear as possible and get on the opposite side which is safety. He managed to find out how to make his music beautiful, while simultaneously giving people a feeling of safety.

Serene You LLC is not just simple relaxation music; it is restorative relaxation music. This music has true healing components and elements to help people in a healing way. His music gives people another powerful resource that is safe and effective during these stressful times. It has been proven to significantly reduce or even eliminate that stress and anxiety people feel. To alleviate anxiety, you need to feed your amygdala the right things and that’s exactly what Serene You LLC helps with. Carl’s restorative relaxation music feeds the amygdala safety and warmth in a nurturing manner to help you.

Regarding real results from Carl’s music, people have said “You will actually feel your blood pressure lowering.” Incredible! Another client mentioned “I didn’t know how much I needed it, it taught me how to breathe again.” Clearly, this music is not only an amazing resource, but it also impacts people’s lives. He created this music with your better health in mind whether you have an anxiety disorder or not. Other people have informed Carl that his music helps them sleep. Those people include doctors, first responders, medical assistants, teachers, etc. Truly across the border of professions, it has been helping people with stressful jobs. You can improve your health and well-being with this type of music and even increase productivity. As you can see, Serene New You LLC can help you feel good, in a natural and safe and restorative way. Carl reminds everyone to stay safe and stay upbeat!

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