My Therapist Is Paid In Hay ~ The Surprising Way Horses Can Help Us

November 26, 2018

Can horses help us build better relationships and become better leaders? What is it about working with equines that can enhance and build our skills and communication? If you spend time with a horse, could it help you to discover hidden success blocks you never even knew you had? Did you know that there is a process called Equine Assisted Learning? Did you realize it can help you to increase your sales and improve your leadership skills?

Sandra Dee Robinson, an acclaimed charisma coach, actress, speaker, host, author, CEO, equine owner, and nature conservationist, has discovered that the answer is, yes! While she was once a shy girl and feared to be in the spotlight, you wouldn’t know it by looking at her today. In addition to starring in several famous TV shows, she has started two businesses to help people become the best they can be; “Charisma on Camera” and “Horse Power Consulting.”

She believes that horses are good therapy and being/working with them releases endorphins in the brain that can relieve stress and help us think ourselves through problems. The connection between our brain and animals is good therapy in general, and horses as a breed can help us get past blocks in our minds/emotions that may have held us back for decades or longer. She is living proof of being held back by negativity but then being released by owning a horse at age 38. Her horse felt her negative energy and responded in like, so she had to learn how to calm herself. She says that while horses are large animals, they can be like giant bunnies.

Science has proven that we all put off magnetic energy, and since horses are prey animals, they sense and react to that energy quickly. Once Sandra realized this truth, her interest was piqued, and she began delving into ADD, ADHD, and PTSD, especially in disabled children. She took many classes in the field of brain science, neurology, biology, and measuring the magnetic fields that affect all of us.

Horses can sense this energy and react to it, so if we watch their actions while with them, we can listen to their feedback, so to speak. This procedure is what’s called Equine Assisted Learning. It’s an emotionally safe environment since a horse won’t criticize what we say or do. If someone who Sandra is working with needs more in-depth help, she will send them to the proper person to get that help.

We all have blocks that can prevent us from achieving our goals, and Sandra has a program that can help break through those blocks. It’s an event that she calls Wine and Equine. It’s a relaxing event where the participants pick out a horse they’d like to work with. When they approach the horse, it will instantly begin sensing his/her energy and respond appropriately.

An example: A participant who was stressed approached a horse who stood quietly. She wrapped her arms around the horse’s neck and buried her face in its mane. The horse continued to hold calmly, allowing the woman to relax. When she finally moved away from the horse, she no longer felt stressed, she was calm. The horse had allowed her to regain the calm she needed in her life and that told her she needed to take time for herself to relax.

Another example on the other end of the spectrum: A woman tried to approach a horse that ran away from her. She tried several times to contact the horse, but each time it ran away. When questioned about how she dealt with clients, she said it seemed that she was always chasing after them, and they were always moving away from her. That information gave her what she needed to work on her situation.

One more example: A participant approached a horse and tried to pat its neck. The horse turned its head and nipped at her. She tried several more times with the same results. When questioned on the matter, it appeared that that was how she treated those around her. She had a very snappy personality that drove people away from her. Again, this gave her the information she needed to work on her problem of not being able to get clients.

Now, none of the participants treated the horses the way they handled their clients, but the horses could sense their energy and told them about it the only way they could—by their actions. The participants who listened to what the horses were saying gained valuable lessons from attending the event. They learned that they needed to change their energy, not just their faces. Their clients could also sense their negative energy, even though they couldn’t explain what it was.

This is not magic – it’s science. There was an experiment with a small group of grazing horses that had a usually low heart rate. When a person who had an elevated heart rate and blood pressure was put in with them, the response was remarkable. The person’s heart rate lowered. This experiment was repeated several times with different test subjects and the result was the same.

You can see why Sandra Dee Robinson is now using Equine Therapy to help her clients become comfortable in front of the camera or on the stage. To take advantage of Sandra’s expertise and to see a sneak peek into her new book, go to To find out more about her events, email her at Sandra@SandraDeeRobinson, and visit her site at Connect with her on Social Media FACEBOOK:, TWITTER: @Sandra_Robinson, LINKEDIN: sandradeerobinson/, and INSTAGRAM: @MeImSandraDee