5 Hacks To Restore Balance To Your Brain

April 24, 2023

Do you feel unbalanced and unhappy with results in your life? What affects do your thoughts have on you? How can you improve the quality of your thoughts and how will doing so, affect your brain and body? Lovely guest speaker Alix Rager is a self-mastery and success coach speaker and entrepreneur. She is a recognized and award-winning leader who is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and everyday people how to make a unique impact on the world without compromising love, health, and lifestyle. Founder of Sweet Spot Power, she has coached and mentored a global community of entrepreneurs and everyday people and created multiple high-end private programs, online courses, and group programs.

Alix’s goal core is to help people get into an alignment so they can be here on this planet, with people and ideas and visions to make it fun and enjoyable. She wants to help your soul express yourself. Learning what is coming out of the field of neuroscience and utilizing that information can help us live the healthiest happiest life right now. Rager teaches people how to optimize those key areas of their life that when balanced, generate results that are far greater than effort.

Since the brain is the organ of the mind, your quality of your thoughts is everything. Our thoughts can either hold us back or propel us forward. The first step to changing or improving any area of your life, begins with your thoughts. Alix shares that when the brain is healthy and coherent with your heart and what your soul wants, then you can live in harmony. Negative thoughts lead to negative neurochemical reactions within your brain. If you feel like the results in any area of your life are nonoptimal, then it is vital to understand that we need to change our focus, our thoughts. Your cells get a message from your thoughts, either for the good or bad. Our potentiality and expression of thoughts largely relates to our environment, physically and emotionally. We will be triggered to make changes if we want our brain to be wiser, have higher energy, clarity, and purpose. Since, our brain listens to what our mind is thinking, our brain will respond to what we tell it to do. How can you tell if your brain is out of balance? Alix shares that you are out of balance when you are most into your ego, you have low energy and feel separate from people. It can also show up as relationship issues and chronic stress and being quick to be triggered and angry. Not feeling clear or inspired are other signs. Happily, you can restore that balance by taking measures to improve the ratio of healthy and unhealthy stresses. You can restore stress and the balance in your brain with five amazing hacks!

First, physical stress. Toxicity is the stress of chemicals and things affecting your body. Physical stress also includes chemical and emotional stresses since they all sort of feed together. Toxicities in general can show a lack of key building blocks needed for your body to heal. These can be rebuilt simply by feeding your cells with enough minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids. Go back to the basics! Drinking an adequate amount of water, regularly exercising, and eating well can help your body to create more stem cells and growth factors to grow and stay healthy.

Second, emotional stress. You can reduce emotional stress by being present and having mindful meditation. Slowing down will help you balance out your nervous system. Balancing your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system will help your thoughts in your brain to be more coherent.

Third, really try to watch your thoughts. Understand the cycle of your thoughts. Emotions create actions which create results which create our beliefs. When your emotions are low and you feel triggered, be aware and present. In those moments, just try to recognize and notice those negative thoughts and feelings and learn how to stop those them in their tracks.

Fourth, get clear on what gives you that deep sense of purpose! Find ways to engage with what makes you come alive. This will be amazing for your thought process and brain!

Fifth, bio hacking with bio tech. There are natural ways to support your DNA and stimulate peptides in your body. Those peptides support healthy gene expression and stem cell activation and bio activities using highly patented light therapy technology. Stimulating the skin with infrared light is highly beneficial. This technology stimulates peptides, which have bio action in the body that normalizes and balances the body, particularly the brain. You are never too late to start using light therapy, it can not only help repair, but also reverse the aging in the body! X39, is a patch that has organic crystals that reflect the heat coming from your body at a specific frequency that tells your body to make GHK, crystal peptides. These peptides are wonderful for your body! They literally tell your cells to act younger, which shows up as increased energy. It also activates your body stem cells, waking them up and mobilizing them so they can become what they need for your body. Doing so, reaps many beautiful benefits! These benefits include mental clarity and enhanced performance, improved skin clarity, reduced inflammation, improved memory, and cognition and so much more! For your body to be able to pull these stem cells, you need those raw ingredients for your body, such as water, minerals, essential fats, and amino acids. Those will help you have a greater result when stimulating that peptide.

Remember, firstly, get rid of the toxicity in your brain and body by getting plenty of water, minerals, essential fats, and amino acids in your system. Second, balance emotional stress by being present and slowing down and getting a balance between your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Third, watch your thoughts. Take note when feeling negative and stop it in its tracks. Fourth, get clear about what gives you a sense of purpose and do what makes you happy. Lastly, think about trying bio hacking with bio tech, not with chemicals or hormones, but light therapy. These amazing hacks will help your brain feel balanced, ensuring you are living life to your fullest potential in a happy and healthy way!

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