Program: Brainfit Staffing


Tired of the gamble of traditional hiring? BrainFit Staffing utilizes the power of neuroscience to ensure you find the perfect fit for every role. Led by Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson, a certified brain health professional, this program goes beyond resumes to identify candidates who will not only excel in their positions, but also thrive within your company culture.

Here's what sets BrainFit Staffing apart:

  • Neuroscience-Driven Assessments: We leverage cutting-edge assessments that go beyond traditional interviews, uncovering a candidate's natural skills, cognitive strengths, and cultural fit.
  • Reduced Turnover & Improved Training: By hiring the right person from the start, you'll minimize turnover and onboarding time, saving your company valuable resources.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction & Efficiency: Match individuals with roles that align with their brain's natural strengths, fostering higher satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Make informed hiring decisions based on objective data, not just gut feeling.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Find Top Talent: Attract and hire high-performing candidates who are a perfect fit for your company's culture and needs.
  • Reduce Hiring Costs: Minimize costly turnover and improve talent acquisition efficiency.
  • Boost Employee Engagement: Build a team of motivated individuals who are passionate about their work.
  • Optimize Productivity & Performance: Place individuals in roles that leverage their natural strengths, leading to maximized output.

Ready to unlock the power of neuroscience in your leadership team? 

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