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Our corporate programs are meticulously crafted to empower your workforce.

Whether it's enhancing leadership skills, fostering innovation, or optimizing operational efficiency, our programs are designed to inspire and empower your team to excel in today's competitive business landscape.

Featured Programs

Program: Unlock the Brain Advantage

Tired of "lackluster" leadership? Unleash the full potential of your leaders and teams with Unlock the Brain Advantage: Neuroscience-Powered Leadership Development. Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson, a certified brain health professional, leverages cutting-edge neuroscience to equip your leaders with the tools they need to thrive.

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Program: Synaptic Synergy

Imagine a team that operates in perfect harmony, where diverse perspectives fuel innovation and propel your company forward. Synaptic Synergy: Building High-Performance Teams Through Neuroscience transforms your workforce into a powerhouse of collaboration and results. Led by Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson a certified brain health professional, this program leverages the power of neuroscience to unlock the full potential of your teams.

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Program: Brainfit Staffing

Tired of the gamble of traditional hiring? BrainFit Staffing utilizes the power of neuroscience to ensure you find the perfect fit for every role. Led by Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson, a certified brain health professional, this program goes beyond resumes to identify candidates who will not only excel in their positions, but also thrive within your company culture.

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Program: Neurosell

In today's competitive landscape, closing deals requires more than just a good pitch. NeuroSell: Science-Driven Strategies to Close More Deals equips your sales team with the power of neuroscience to unlock customer psychology and drive sales success. Led by Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson, a certified brain health professional, this program provides practical tools and techniques to build trust, influence buying decisions, and forge lasting customer relationships.

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Program: Thrive at Work

Is stress sabotaging your employee’s well-being and productivity? Thrive at Work: A Neuroscience-Based Approach to Workplace Wellness tackles stress at its root, transforming your company culture into a haven for mental well-being and peak performance. Led by Julie “Brain Lady” Anderson, a certified brain health professional, this program combines personalized assessments, a data-driven office environment review, and a customized action plan to unlock your team's full potential.

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Why are our programs a good fit for your organization?

  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Leaders are the backbone of your company. Their actions can drive up company profits or reduce company moral. Great leaders make the whole team better. Here at Your Best Mind we believe the answer is always in neuroscience. Through a comprehensive neuroscience and neuropsychological training your leaders will learn to lead with their brain. The results will be greater communication; fewer misunderstandings; heightened employee engagement and performance; and an overall greater profitability in the company.
  • TEAM PERFORMANCE: Having a cohesive team that works together is so important for the culture of your company. Power teams do not just magically fall into place, they are built. At Your Best Mind we train your teams to think outside of the box by using the latest in neuroscience backed creative techniques to help them access brainstorms like never before! GO TEAM!
  • STAFFING: Successful businesses hire the right person for the right job. Through the insights of neuroscience, you will be able to hire the right person for the right position in your company. This will greatly speed up their training and reduce employee turnover. Workers will experience more satisfaction in their jobs and their efficiency will increase tremendously.
  • SALES: At the end of the day it all comes down to the balance sheet. How good are the sales? With brain training your salespersons or teams will learn how to focus on the receiver, the customer. What they need to feel in order to sign the check. Through specific brain training workshops, we will teach your teams how to preform like never before and develop customers that are singing your praises and will be with you for life.
  • COMMUNICATION WITHIN YOUR COMPANY: Communication is so much more than sending an email or giving specific directions. All too often things are lost in translation leading to frustration between workers and conflicts within teams. When everyone in your company understand the dynamics of the Brain Personality Connection, misunderstandings disappear, and fluid communication abounds.

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