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Mind Blowing Life Transforming Event – Discover the neuroscience and neuropsychology of success and maximizing your brain power!

The Mind Blowing, Life Transforming Event Is Your Best Mind’s signature event!

Step Into Your Power! Rock YOUR Natural Gifts!

This power packed event is a must attend for everyone. Whether you are a leader in your company or community, an entrepreneur, a parent, or a person trying to achieve a happy healthy life, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Are you looking to make more quality connections in your life?

Have you ever felt frustrated at seeing other people achieve massive success and wondered what their secret is?

Do you feel like you are in a constant state of overwhelm – with no way out?

In your business, are you desiring to increase profits and decrease stress?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this event is for you.

It’s time to harness the power of your natural gifts!

What is of greater value than your bank account, stock portfolio, or equity in your home?


This two full days event will blow your mind and give you the tools to make a life transformation that will help you reach your goals and create connections that you never knew were possible.

At this event you will…
  • Gain insight on how to use your brain to create a more profitable and successful business.
  • Accelerate your connections and increase your sales.
  • Understand how energy expenditure in the brain affects personalities and communication.
  • Identify your natural brain gifts and how they affect your connections to other people.

Learn practical tips on how to maximize this information to improve all of your relationships.
  • Understand how to use your brain to achieve success.
  • Discover how to create a positive thought/positive health connection.
  • Develop skills to reduce the friction with challenging people.
  • Learn how to recognize and validate brain differences, and understand them for greater relationship success.
  • Maximize your effectiveness in relationships for greater happiness.
  • Discover ways to build a better connection with everyone in your life and business.
Individuals: $597 | Bring a Partner: $497 PP
Corporate discount available
Jim Moats
Jim Moats and Ass.

Extremely valuable information. Almost too much information covered in the time we had. Can see where a full-day workshop would be beneficial.

Marie Wallace
Second Act Coaching and Past Managing Director eWomenNetwork Sacramento Region Chapter

Julie is definitely energetic and fun to listen to. Her expertise on the brain is incredible. She really knows how to engage you and to teach you how the brain work. You will walk away with a clear understanding… how to deal with different personality types with her interactive approach. I would recommend her to everyone.

Scott S.

I really enjoyed this seminar that I was able to be a part of. It really helped me to realize who I am and to really come a long way in my personal growth and development. I really recommend this to anybody who is really looking for something more.

Jeni Grant

I learned so much. Thanks for the insight.

Andrea Rojas

I really enjoyed listening to you speak. Out of all the presentations I heard that day, I enjoyed yours the most.  It was truly a ‘learning experience’ for me. I look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Rachel B.

This speaker was informative.  I would LOVE to hear her again. Thank you.

Eric and Colleen Fleshood

Julie makes brain science practical and communicates in a fun way.

Jessica Infante

The presentation I observed from Julie Anderson was phenomenal.  Ideas were presented that were simple yet extremely significant and had never occurred to me.  I would be very interested in participating in further presentations.  Thank you.

Power Parenting-High Quality Parenting

Of all the responsibilities that we have in life, nothing is more rewarding than being a parent. The bond and love you feel for your children is difficult to put into words. The joy and satisfaction you feel when you see your children growing into self-confident adults is immeasurable.

However, along with the joy and rewards comes stress and anxiety.

In this day and age of chaos and busy lives, how can you succeed in connecting with your child?

Are there keys to being a high quality parent when our time is limited?

The programs that I have designed will give you greater insight to the brain of your child. Discover how neuroscience can assist you in creating a bridge to greater understanding and positive change. You will accelerate your connection, reduce frustration, and defuse confrontation when you apply the tools and techniques I share. During this 2-day event you will

  • Gain a greater understanding of the child’s brain.
  • Increase your perception of just what they are thinking.
  • Develop the skills for bridging the communication gap.
  • Identify the Brain Personality Connection of your individual children.
  • Improve your parenting skills by using the power of the brain.
Cost: $497 Couples: $397 PP
Jim Moats
Jim Moats and Ass.

Extremely valuable information.

Robert Harris
Napa Valley College
Dean, Criminal Justice, Health Occupations, Kinesiology, & Athletics

Highly recommended!

Event Attendee
Nevada City Calif

It was exceptional! It was perfect!

Mind-Blowing Life Transforming Couples Getaway!

This program carries all the power packed information of the regular Mind-Blowing Life Transforming event with a special twist-The focus is on applying the information to you and your significant other.

Spend 3 days learning how to better communicate with each other and drive your relationship forward with powerful communication breakthroughs.

Each event takes place in beautiful locations with romantic “add on” options.

Price per couple: $997
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Whether you are an individual looking to improve your life and relationships, parents desiring to improve their skills, an entrepreneur wanting to increase your profits, or a corporate office that wants to improve its employees’ productivity and attendance, improving its bottom line, Your Best Mind’s programs are for you.

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